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Travelling around Assam and Nagaland

When my friend and I saw the itinerary to Assam and Nagaland advertised by Bangalore-based F5 Escapes in September, we felt we had to go! It had everything that we valued greatly - Kaziranga, and Majuli Island in Assam, and Kohima, Dzuleke and Khonoma in Nagaland, including the Hornbill Festival in Kisama. I think it was Majuli Island that was the first tipping point in favour of this trip -  it is the largest river island in the world, and is fast shrinking because of erosion. We have been following the story of Jadav Payeng, a farmer who single-handedly planted an entire forest on Majuli island with the intention of saving the island! I have been wanting to go there just to meet him, and so when this itinerary mentioned Majuli, I fell for it. The other thing was that I had never been to the northeast, and was dying to discover the fascinating natural and cultural world of the 'Seven Sisters'.

I am always wary of signing up for a trip months in advance since it involves a fina…

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