February 16, 2007

Oh...the balloon-wallah!

My children's eyes always opened wide and their faces broke into cheerful smiles when they saw him. Actually they saw only the balloons and other colourful stuff that he had. They never really saw him. But he has been there...dependable, an unseen constant, sure to bring a smile to a child's face, sure to wipe many a tear.

He must have job satisfaction.

I cannot help wondering...if he sold all those balloons, how much would he make? I also cannot help wondering...how long before he is replaced by a vending machine at a mall?


Anonymous said...

the observation about the baloonwallah,for some reason,brought tears in my eyes.I always thought about a bus driver in a similar way.People get into buses and get down when their destinations come.Their interaction is only with the conductor who gives them the tickets.What goes on in the mind of the driver,nobody bothers.He is a faceless person!

Sadhana said...

Yes, one can compare the balloon wallahs and the bus drivers in our lives to 'parachute packers', who are faceless, yet play a tremendously important role. If they don't pack the parachutes properly, they won't open when needed!

dharmabum said...

thankfully, i've never seen a machine vending balloons, that too inflated balloons :)

imho, there are two ways of looking at job satisfaction.

1 - to keep 'searching' for that job thatis 'perfect' for me, and not being satisfied with anything else. i did this for a while.

2 - to do whatever job as well as one possibly can, and hence derive a sense of satisfaction - what my mom tried telling me all the time, and what i am only beginning to doscover...

PS: hope u did tell the kids something about the balloonwala

Sadhana said...

I may not have specifically told the children about the balloonwalla, but the general attitude they are imbibing from us and from their school is one of humility, empathy and compassion. Hopefully, they will notice the balloonwallas by themselves.

Re jobs, indeed...the attitude is to do whatever comes your way to the best of your ability. Satisfaction automatically follows.