June 09, 2007


Absence from my blog makes me restless. I become impatient to get back to Lens and Sensibility, and communicate. With whom and for what, I do not know. But it seems to be important to me. Some part of me seems incomplete without this self-imposed regularity of expression.

Here I am, after a break from Lens…, during which I worked through pages and pages of text, design elements, photographs, figures, racing against time, trying desperately to meet deadlines. Working with various people who helped me get to the finishing line, I discovered once again that wonderful dedication by simple, unpretentious people, who have much more professionalism in them than several others parading around in business suits, lap tops, and a style that has an impression value of about 5 minutes.

Sharp-eyed workers in the printshop, spotting errors, which, even the most discerning editorial eye has missed after reading a page for the eleventh time; involved artistes working day and night to get something just right; young beginners with burning ambitions and a desire to do their best…these are the people who make a difference. These are the people who make every deadline a challenge that will be confidently met.

I salute these professionals who often go unrecognized (and who are used to non-recognition)…for in the long run, it is they who realise that it is the process and not the reward (or an award) that makes work enjoyable.