September 24, 2007

Bravo, India!

Monday, 24 September 2007.

India won—actually won—the Twenty20 finals against Pakistan, in South Africa!

• As soon as this happened, the skies lit up with fire crackers.
• The Hyderabad roads came alive with wild revelry.
• Groups of people, young and old, began to dance on the road, waving Indian flags, stopping traffic in jubiliation. It is now 11.20 pm, and they are still dancing to the sound of drums.
• Motorcycles, scooters and cars drove past, shouting and madly waving flags of all sizes!
• The stationery shop wallah on the main road began to do brisk business—selling flags!
• TV channels are full of this victory - ah! sweet victory, after a long gap of 24 years! The last was the World Cup in 1983, where Kapil Dev became a hero.
• Headlines Today went berserk...all the staff began dancing as Kapil Dev entered the studio. He too joined in and for a good 10 minutes, all we saw in the news bulletin were the journalists dancing with Kapil Dev!! It was the best form of words could have expressed gladdened hearts better!

I wonder if this was what it was like on 15 August 1947---at least in some parts of India. I am witnessing a nation drunk with happiness. One cricket victory is all it takes to make this happen? Are we a country full of carefree, immature children?

Suddenly I worry, as I usually do when there is too much happiness. Be careful, my dear people...we live in times of bomb blasts.

I look out of the window to see another frenzy of dancing, more flags waving, hear more shouts and screams.

I tell myself to throw all serious thoughts and analysis out of the window. Perhaps I should go out and buy a tricolour and go for a spin on my scooter.... ?!
Photo from The Hindu 25 Sep 2007


dharmabum said...

spin on the scooter sounds like a good idea.

i think about 15th aug '47 pretty often too, wishing i was there. or had a reason such as that to celebrate for the country...

Sadhana said...

Yes, I too wish I had been a part of the freedom movement. I love to fight for a genuine cause...