November 08, 2007

Happy Deepavali!

May the resplendence of the Deepavali lamps light up your lives!


Ramesh said...

Hi Sadhana,

Happy Diwali to and your family


dharmabum said...

to you, and your loved ones - warmest wishes :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sadhana,

I was admiring those lamps in Murali anna's album too- where did you get those/
beautiful- we had a great diwali here too-albeit no crakers!


Sadhana said...

Thank you, Ramesh and Dharmabum.

Arundhati...those lamps are a gift from an uncle. Bought them in Kalanjali some years back. I light them once a year.

choxbox said...

Thats a beautiful lampstand. Kalanjali is awesome!