December 27, 2007

Please see 'Taare zameen par'

If you are/were a child, if you are a teacher, if you are a sensitive person, if you are a father, if you are a mother...oh, if you are a mother...please see Taare zameen par.

A beautiful, sensitive film that tugs at one's heart, again and again and again.

And, it is an honour to have Aamir Khan and Darsheel on my blog. Now I just have to go and paint. See the film and you'll know why I say this.


Anonymous said...

A very sensitive film,indeed.It touches the heart of every human being.
The thought that came to my mind ,whenever there is a party or a gathering we should have an art makes lot of sense.jaya

Sadhana Ramchander said...

Great idea. Let's do this next time there is a party!

Ramesh said...

Hi Sadhana,

A very touching movie. Nicely done. Makes one introspect their role as a parent and perhaps infuses a sense of guilt as some shortcomings become apparent. Subtleties like tying shoe laces etc. are very nonspecific yet imp. manifestation of dyslexia--makes you pause & think.--happiness inlife seems to come with simple things such as a artmela while stressful ambitious careers do not necessarily bringforth Happiness--makes you wonder???(i am probably extrapolating too much)