January 10, 2008


Sometimes, end of the year and the beginning of a new year become overwhelming, even though I tell myself that they don’t mean anything. December 2007 ended with a lot of bad news in the circle of people around us. It began with the demise of my children’s Montessori school Director Mrs Vanitha Bhushan. A gentle, soft spoken, dignified woman, who contributed a great deal to the Montessori education scene in Hyderabad. We will miss her.

And then fate was cruel...a very good friend of ours lost his younger brother in an accident. Another good friend lost her cousin. And then we heard about Benazir Bhutto. The next in the series of unfortunate events was the passing away of an acquantance in a bus accident, and then of an 80+ years old buzurg family friend who died peacefully in his sleep.

So I awoke on Jan 1, wanting to kick 2007 away, and wanting to welcome the new year. But in the new year, all these people have to learn to deal with the loss of their close ones. I hope I can be of some support...but what can one do to help? The finality of death is so real, and so incomprehensible.


Ramesh said...

Hi Sadhana,
Sorry to hear of the loss of those close to you. Death is final but apparently the soul/atma finds another expression if moksha is not acheived. However i tell my patient families that we should celebrate the life of loved ones with the fond and loving memories and this thought process of seeking to celebrate the life rather than mourn the death seems to help their greiving. Remember for the youngster(younger brother of your friend)--Swami Vivekananda said GOD LOVES THOSE WHO DIE YOUNG. So he is Special in HIS eyes.Still for those left behind it is a loss and hope GOD gives you & your friends the strenght to deal with it. Hope all the bad news is exhausted as the new year marches on.


Sadhana Ramchander said...

Thanks...agree but the process takes time.