January 17, 2008

Small happinesses

It is finally small happinesses in life that keep one going.

On Sankranti day, we were on the terrace all three days, 4-7 pm. Our children proudly kept score...we finally cut a record 36 kites and lost about 14. AND found four beautiful kites which glided gracefully onto our terrace, one straight into my daughter's hands!

The last day, we truly felt like emperors of the sky...our cute colourful kite, with two twinkling eyes, (we had found this) was up proudly, cutting every kite that came our way, even after dark! The last kite we cut was a yellow one...the fight was tough, and even as Vijay persisted with the pench, using all the techniques up his sleeve, the lot of us, some family and some friends, like kindergarten children began chanting yellow, yellow dirty fellow sitting on a buffalo...so loudly, even our opponent, yes, the owner of the yellow kite from the terrace of the next building could hear the crazy chant! Finally the yellow kite was torn brutally, and then cut and disappeared into the darkness. We shouted another great big kite-winner shout k-a-a-a-a-t-é-é-é, some of our kids hooting, jumping up and down, clapping...ah! jubiliance!

Agle saal dekhlenge,
the guy shouted from the other terrace, and one of our friends shot back: ham bhi dekhlenge...isi patang se phir kaatenge!

These small thrills...they make me very happy...I revel in them!

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dharmabum said...

such a simple, joyful post. thanks for sharing this, made my heart well with happiness...thank you so much.

and warm new year wishes to you and your loved ones :)