February 11, 2008

I watched him draw!

R.K.Laxman. He is truly one of India's greatest people. When I watched him draw, I felt, this is how God must be creating the world. What power, in that hand! I wanted to touch his feet; tell him how much I admired him.

But I just stood behind him, feeling very humble, and watched.


Ramesh said...

Hi Sadhana,
You are very fortunate to see a maestro at work. I am sure it was a thrilling experience.


Gazal said...

and i have to tell you this...
when i was a young girl,i met mr.laxman at a NIE meet,while everybody jostled for autographs,he shooed away everyone saying"i don't give autographs to everyone....i replied well..i don take autographes from everyone"
he stopped,signed my book,tapped me on the head.
he's a genuis !!!!
great blog.

dharmabum said...

oh, did you see recently at the award ceremony? he started sobbing like a little kid. and his wife came and said how emotional a person he was.

where did u get to see him?

Sadhana Ramchander said...

Ramesh: Yes, fortunate, indeed. I feel blessed.

Gazal: Bravo...I admire you for what you said to him. Thanks for telling me about the incident...enjoyed reading about it.

Dharmabum: No, I did not see him at the award ceremony. He was at a function organised by a club in Hyd, where he was honoured.