March 20, 2008

30 seconds

30 seconds…
what can one do in 30 seconds?
I think, as I wait for the red to turn to green

30 seconds...
I read a hoarding
Look around
The man picking his nose
Tabebuias in bloom…lovely!
A cop writing in a small notepad
The man still picking his nose
I step on the accelerator

30 seconds
the microwave comes to life
she heads for the nearest mirror
checks her hair
quite pleased
the door bell rings…ding dong
he’s here!…her heart misses a beat
beep…beep…beep, the microwave.

Thermometer in mouth
Eyes on the clock…
For two times 30 seconds
It could be an hour before it is
30 seconds…

30 seconds
is what they say it took
for his car to crash
as he drove down the highway
29 seconds of intense concentration
and that second when his mind
the 30th...

10 years of dreaming
9 months of anticipation
many nights of sleepless anxiety
hours of pushing…
in 30 seconds
she’s out…a bundle of joy

March 08, 2008


I am in the midst of a busy schedule, and much as I want to stick to my one-post-a-week schedule, am not able to do so. So I thought I'd post a teaser. What's this?