April 01, 2008

Is there ever anything called sheer joy?

Happiness comes in many forms. This book of my poems, illustrated by my daughter Ragini (then 10 years old), and inspired by my younger daughter Malini, gave us great moments of joy during its making. But once it was accepted for publication, the journey was tough, and I had to fight many battles with the publisher. But all in all, I have forgotten the pain and this cheerful book, published in 2004, has given us many smiles.

And now, without any effort, I have become the author of a Hindi book, the translation of Autorickshaw blues...! I am happy about this, for it will reach a larger number of people...but the irritants are there—some of the translation sounds weird, and I just spotted a mistake.

Oh well...


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Ramesh said...

Hi Sadhana,

It is a very enjoyable book that sustains the children's curiosity and keeps their attention focussed on the story. It is a mother and daughter special that you both should be proud of and cherish the memory when you look back.Keep some copies for the The Early Readers in your & your extended family.Keep Writing and Sheer joy will surely be yours!!


SUR NOTES said...

oh oh oh, this is you! i have been gifting this book to all and sundry!
i keep picking up children's books and hoarding them so i have gifts handy when i visit some child or if they visit me.

and this is the write of a blog i visit every now and then.

this is the one enjoyable part of blog-hopping!

Sadhana Ramchander said...

Good to know people are buying this book! Thanks for telling me...I am overjoyed!! Hope Sanah likes it...

Yes, blogging throws up lovely surprises.

Parag said...

hi sadhana
well, to start with, i'm in pune and also into design and branding.

second thing - i am interested in this book of poems. I would like to know if its available in pune?

third thing - my daughter recently celebrated her 1st birthday, and i always keep finding new ways to amuse her; not that i'm falling short of them, but for that reason i would love to read to her something from your book if it fits her age.

Pls lemme know.

Thanks and warm regards
parag hardikar
+ 91 98226 35190

Sadhana Ramchander said...

Dear Parag,

Book stores such as Crossword or Landmark should have Autorickshaw blues. Most of the poems in this book are for school-going children, but there are some which even 1-year-olds would enjoy.

Thanks for writing...