July 28, 2008

And then there was rain

It has been raining.

Yes, there were frog weddings.

And a Varuna Yagnam in the Exhibition grounds in Hyderabad.

Cloud seeding experiments too began.

The weather department said depression in the Bay, so rain.

I prayed (I told you, didn't I?)

Whatever, it has been raining and everybody is happy!

July 17, 2008

Appeasing the Rain Gods

When I was growing up in Warangal, during some summers when the rains got delayed, there used to be groups of people who would go from house to house with a couple of frogs and holding leaves and branches (I think they were neem branches). When they came to our gate, we had to take a bucket of water and pour it over them, and they would then go to the next house, to be doused with another bucket of water. We were told that the frogs they had with them had just been married. This was their way of praying for rain.

Of late, I have been reading in the newspapers, about frog marriages in several parts of India. Here are two links, one with pictures, and one with a video. The video might take a while to open, but have patience, and watch it till the end.

Mangalore: Frogs married off for rain in Udipi
Allahabad: Frogs marry to bring rain

On the one hand, we hear of cloud seeding. On the other, we have honeymooning frogs. That's the typical India for you.

Whatever, we need rain, and soon.

I am not planning to go and look for frogs, but I am praying every moment.
Photo from http://mangalorean.com

July 10, 2008

Life is...a list of chores to do?

Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.
(Pablo Picasso)

I love this quotation, and I find that it is so true. One wakes up every morning with a list of chores to do -- a never-ending, boring list from which there seems no respite. Cook, clean, drop kids in school, work in the office, pay bills, go to bank, buy vegetables, provisions...and then it is evening and there are another set of chores staring at you in the face. The dust of everyday life, and how much dust there is!

But I believe that life must be lived between chores. And so I bribe myself on and off...if I have to do one chore that makes me groan, I offer myself a small reward. Like, if I have to go driving through impossible traffic to pay a bill or get a music system repaired, I offer myself a treat--a visit to a book shop or an art gallery nearby for some food for the soul. The work is done, and I come home happy. Or, if I need to go to the printers' just to drop off a packet, I throw in a quick window shopping spree on the way back. If I have to pick up my daughter's watch from the service center, I come back home with a packet of samosas from the sweet shop next door. Its the buy-one-get-one-free philosophy, and it works for me, especially since I work flexitime.

I do this as I work at my desk too...if I have to edit a tough paper, I do five pages, and then browse for a bit; or if I am not in a mood cook, I play some music in the kitchen, and it makes me stay there and cook in a happier state of mind!!

Try this method...it does wash away from the soul, the dust of everyday life!