August 23, 2008

A rainbow after the storm

Went for a birthday party of a 1-year old. First birthdays usually irritate me because usually the brat is overwhelmed by all the pampering, and invariably the party ends with her crying or throwing a tantrum. When my children turned one, we had very private celebrations, with just the grandparents and my gyanaecologist, who delivered them! We filled their room with balloons so they would wake up and smile and know something special was happening.

But this party we attended was different, and special. Both parents had had turbulent earlier marriages which had broken up. Both had been depressed people, hardly smiling or talking. For both, it had seemed like the end of the road. And then their parents arranged their marriage, and luckily, their worlds opened up again.

The smiles were so genuine. The happiness was so pure and deep. And it showed on the faces of the whole family. The cute little baby was doted on. She did cry. But I didn't mind it one bit.

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