August 11, 2008

Of flames and heroes

We watched this burning building from our balcony. The fire had started in a bank on the top floor of a 4-floor building on the other side of our road. There was a huge crowd below, fire engines, ambulances, chaos. We actually saw three people stuck on the terrace, and the black smoke blowing towards them when the wind changed direction.

And then something happened that people who give away bravery awards should know about. A constable --- Srinivas Reddy --- climbed a tree next to the building, climbed on to the windows, and went up to the terrace to rescue the three bank employees stuck there. And seeing him, a young man named Aziz, who was watching the whole scene, joined Srinivas Reddy, and together they rescued the three people from the terrace, taking the help of ladders from the fire engines.

And as the heroes --Srinivas Reddy and Aziz-- came down with the three people, the massive crowd below, who had been watching this rescue operation, excitedly clapped and cheered.

This could have been straight out of AXN Action Videos.

But, where were our TV camera crews?

The fire was finally put out around 10 pm. Luckily no one was injured or died.

The photos of Srinivas Reddy and Aziz here, are from a magazine, and very unclear. But, people should see these gutsy guys, even if just a hazy profile of them.

(This was before the Big Rain that drowned colonies and threw life in Hyderabad out of gear.)

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