September 14, 2008

Two years done...and so some new colours

Lens and Sensibility turned two years and 82-posts old last month! And I have finally given it entirely new colours. Hopefully there will be renewed enthusiasm. Let me know what you think of the new look.

In the last two years, I have wandered about freely in this space, and it illustrates my thoughts, dreams, opinions and vision of a small part of my world. It has been a tells me who I am; what I am not; it has become my identity in cyberspace…and I am very fond of this magic bubble I hesitantly created in August 2006.

I usually write for myself, but when other people read what I have written, and share their thoughts with me, I feel good. On the occasion of Lens and Sensibility’s second birthday, I will list a few comments that touched me deeply, and made me feel that blogging has indeed been, in many ways, a heart-warming experience:

1. Is there anything called sheer joy? The comment by 'Sur Notes' threw up a surprise and I was thrilled!
2. Mothers… Shanti's comment put forth an interesting analysis on the roles of mothers vis-a-vis that of fathers.
3. I watched him draw! 'Gazal' narrated a very cute incident, during her own meeting with R K. Laxman.
4. Small happinesses I cherish Dharmabum's compliment here.
5. Introspection I wrote about death in this blog, and after reading it, Ms Rasna, daughter of Mrs Bhushan who I had written about, tried to contact me and when finally we met, she told me she was very touched that I had written about her mother.
6. Dream homes/home dreams All reactions to this post were interesting, especially those by Mayank, Dharmabum, my mother Jaya and Sangeeta.
7. Garba --- a riot of colour, song and dance Ramesh and Neelu share their interesting US garba experiences.
8. Oh, the magic of nature! This post was unusual and special and so were the comments by Harsha and Maitreyi.

Thank you, people, for being here with me. When I see all of you here, I get the happy feeling that Lens and Sensibility is buzzing with sensitive, thinking minds.

Last September, after a year of blogging, I had said, I dream, therefore I am. At the end of two years, I will say, I am, therefore I blog!

With this, I step into my third year...