October 26, 2008

Colour Orange...

We always had fights about red and orange buckets!
I said red and he said orange
Red it used to be

Orange fruit, yes
Marmalade, love it!
Even wall, yes!
Orange cabs, okay...
Name of telecom company, why?

Oh, I am just fooling around...
Orange is a no, no for me, normally,
But in this picture...the orange is gorgeous.

But what is in the picture?

October 11, 2008

Fun things to do in Goa that the brochures don't tell you about

Take Goa Express from Pune and travel sleeper class.
What you'll see when you wake up in the morning is this awesome sight! Yes, the Sahyadris!

Watch the sunset on the beach...

...but watch out for sand monsters with pink eyes!

Take the dolphin cruise...we saw 7-8 dolphins. Big thrill!

Take a scooter on hire and drive around. Rs 250 for 8 hours + petrol.

LOOK at houses in Goa. They are truly amazing!

...told you!

This one's in Panjim. As a local said,
"Its only in Goa that we can get away with these colours!"

My favourite: the saluting soldier on top of the Goan houses

Sometimes, surprise! You'll find crowing cocks!

Visit the museum 'Houses of Goa'

Walk around in Panjim

Visit this shop. It has Mario Miranda's stuff!!

This was a re-visit to Goa, for me, a very special place that represents the beginning of a journey. This time it was a look back into the future.

Photos copyright Sadhana Ramchander