December 18, 2008

Africa 5: Africa = animals?

Not really. You need to look for them in national parks and reserves, at least in Maputo and Nairobi. We spotted these hippos in a lake at the Maputo reserve.

One of them came towards us and opened his mouth. Was he just saying hello?

Deer at the Nairobi national park

Signposts at the Nairobi national park

Impalas...same place


The striped beauties we were dying to spot

Baboons...walking around outside the park

Rescued baby elephants at the Sheldrake elephant orphanage

Playing around

Drinking water

Baboon on the footpath as we drove along the city roads

The giraffe center, where you can feed and touch the giraffes

Tara feeding a giraffe...we were warned that if you don't have food in your hands, the giraffes would butt you on the head...nothing to be afraid of; it was their way of asking for food!

Two Pumbas at the giraffe center


Geraldo Maia said...

Hello Sadhana,
These are indeed beautiful photos in the middle of the complete nature. They were good shot and with great sensibility.
Best wishes from Brazil and success with more photos.

Sadhana Ramchander said...

Thank you very much.

Sugunasri said...

Dear Sadhana,

I liked the pictures very much, particularly the baby elephants.