December 13, 2008

Africa 3: BluePencil is real!

I started BluePencil in 1993, when my daughter was born. She is now 15 years old, taller than me, sensitive and artistic. BluePencil too is 15 years old. It is therefore my child too. But an invisible one, whose height I cannot see clearly, whose growth I can perceive, but not measure.

BluePencil has been abstract, virtual. We have been, to many people, for many years, names in email messages. Vijay and I are its faces; I think I am its soul.

BluePencil is a quiet, peaceful work corner in our home, where the two of us are constantly on a mission that we are passionate about, that we try to give our best to. People walk in and out, and they tell us they love this corner. Our children do, too, and are often part of it.

In Maputo, which I reached after dodging the Mumbai terror, a stranded plane, and imaginary fears of being taken hostage by a foreign country---far far away from this warm corner---BluePencil became real for a brief 3 days.

It was a proud moment for me.

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