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New chaos


Weather watch...Hyderabadi winter

The Jasraj show in Hyderabad

What's beetroot called in Telugu?

A refreshing day

Dream coming true...


Baby caterpillar walk

Happy Deepavali

Weather watch: This is what's been happening

Painting the wall red

Lens and Sensibility: 3 years, 133 posts old!

Shakespeare evening at Antu's

Flower at Naimisam

YSR's chopper crashes in Nallamalla forest

One, two, three, four, five...


It rained! It rained! It rained! It also lightning-ed and thundered! Thank you, God.

Independence Day 2009

The rain, it does not come

Mother, daughter, grand-daughter

Butterfly on water

Skipping stones


Michael Jackson

Kaale megha, kaale megha paani to barsaao...

I will not...

Nature rejoices the first rains!

Goodbye Habib saab

My next life by Woody Allen

Way to go, Hyderabad!!

A good picture...


The answer

Busy busy busy...

Schools, schools everywhere, but...

Is this Bengaluru?

A superb animation film that could be banned

Ten words

Women's day blah blah blah...

Ladies tailor

Films for all times

Great job, NDTV!

My spontaneous reaction to Slumdog Millionaire


Republic Day

Witnessing a historic moment

Sankranti sambaralu