January 15, 2009

Sankranti sambaralu

This is perhaps my favourite festival, mainly because interesting and colourful things happen everywhere during this festival. In the kitchens of traditional Telangana homes, women are busy making delicious til-based snacks and sweets like chakkilalu, boorelu, ariselu, til laddulu, etc. Early morning, women adorn the front of their homes with colourful muggulu. Boys and men (and some girls like my daughters and me!) fly colourful kites. So there is colour on the earth, colour in the skies, and colour inside the homes of those who have the yearly bommala koluvu during Sankranti...

And, think about it...all these activities are very affordable, and there is no scope for wasteful spending. Added to this, there is no religious ceremony, and so no scope for politicization and violence. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that this is essentially a harvest festival...anything nature is a good thing, it seems to me.

This year, I took a walk down a few lanes to admire the riot of colour on the ground. And as usual, we flew kites in the afternoon. Ragini, for the first time, not only flew kites all by herself but even cut quite a few kites, thus becoming the Kite Princess of our terrace! Malini was more of a kite runner and collected a good booty... what's more, she even cut a kite with one she was 'rescuing'!

Here are some colours I gathered during my walk.

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Anonymous said...

Great thought......about the riot of colours on the earth,in the sky,inside homes and in the kitchens!What about the bountiful nature with flowers blooming all over?The man made colours are inspired by nature,surely.
True,this is a very inexpensive festival....SO FAR SO GOOD!!!!!
lovely MUGGULU very well captured.