February 20, 2009

Films for all times

Some films are rivetting, and you can watch them any number of times, from beginning to end, or any scene in between, or just the beginning or just the end, or just one song, or a dialogue.

In my list of films that fit this description are: Dil chahta hai, Mr and Mrs Iyer, Parineeta, Speed, Sound of music, Forrest Gump, Guru, Main hoon na (yes!), Sholay, Iqbal, Zubeida and some others.

Now I add one more delightful film to this list.

It took Slumdog Millionnaire out of my head!

1 comment:

Arun said...

Interesting- havent heard of this yet- but since I am prehistoric regards to movies- it explains!

I will check it out-