February 03, 2009

My spontaneous reaction to Slumdog Millionaire

I saw Slumdog Millionaire last night and want to write about it before I read anything about it that could change the way I am thinking about it.

1. Through the movie, my insides were taking a roller-coaster ride.
2. It was way too dark for me.
3. Photography was excellent.
4. The shit scene was disgusting and unnecessary.
5. Among the actors, the children were good. Jamal and Salim were good but seemed too sophisticated to be slum dwellers.
6. The dialogue "But for Ram and Rahim, I would have had a mother today" is a classic.
7. I loved the format where the story unfolds with Jamal going back and forth about how he knew the answers, but credit for that to Vikas Swarup, I guess (I need to read the novel).
8. Some questions: why is the quiz master so nasty? What has he to lose?
9. Why the torture in a police station? By the time a contestant wins 1 crore, he is already a hero...a TV interview would have been more like it.
10. The biggest disappointment for me was that because I was so disturbed, I did not even notice Rahman's music. Or did Rahman's music play a big role in making me feel disturbed in the first place? I need to listen to only the audio track once more.

Im my opinion, Slumdog (I don't like that word too) is not a complete film.

It was written that it should win so many awards! :)

And now, I will read all the reviews...

PS: No, the showcasing of squalor, poverty, violence, et al. didn't bother me...for it is just one of a billion images of India!


Arun said...

ha ha - I like your style!

I want to see it too-in fact a colleague asked me specifically to see and tell her if it is authentic! Mumbai is Mumbai -I have read reviews-in fact Big B started me off on it!

I will tell you what I think of the movie if I do see it finally!

Sadhana Ramchander said...

I hope you get too see it. Love it, or hate it, you will want to talk about it! I would like to know what you think about it.

Arun said...

I did- Manchali and I went to see the movie today! #1 and 2 of your review are the only ones I dont vibe with- everything else is absolutely like t=your review!

#1- I felt that way in Batman!
#2 I have definitely seen darker movies- in fact a lot of the scenes were very realistically shot without being gruesome.

the other point I would add is the shot of Rama the kid - it was too contrived and I would like to ask if it is true that a hindustani muslim slum boy would not know that Ram carries a bow and arrow if it were not for the kid Rama? Or is it plausible?

I wonder if the movie would really have received all its Oscar nomination if it had been made by an Indian Director?

Agreed about Rahman's music- I expected more somehow!

Sadhana Ramchander said...

Agree with your observation about Rama. Re the Oscar nomination, that has been the way of the world... what's new? That's why awards should not be given importance. They are unnecessary...now is that another topic for debate?!

dharmabum said...

i have stopped noticing the awards business - something tells me that the whole thing is a sham.
i did watch the movie. it wasn't bad, but it made me wonder what all the hype was about. am surprised, because i thought the music was one really good aspect of the whole thing - in fact, at times, i even thought it drowned the rest of the movie - in bits and pieces though. funny thing is, jai ho, to me, was the most ordinary pieces compared to the rest...but then we're catering to firang tastes here, so who knows ;)

Sadhana Ramchander said...

Yes, Jai ho was quite ordinary, and the choreography looked so amateurish. I need to listen to the music again.

mangesh said...

I haven't seen this movie, but read a lot, despite being in Mumbai and so many theatres. My reaction may be more or less the same as yours. How about fimls making in such Dharavi(slums) instead of Bollywood? This seems to be latest trend among producers from young generation. Will it be accepted by viewers?

Anonymous said...

Bravo, very good idea