June 13, 2009

Goodbye Habib saab

Habib Tanvir, one of India's greatest dramatists passed away on 8 June 2009. I saw his famous play Charandas Chor a long time back, and was fascinated by it. I saw it again just 3 months back, and was fortunate to see him in it for the last time.

Habib Tanvir's theatre is original, very genuine, and quintessentially Indian. I also saw another sensitive, gripping play based on the Bhopal tragedy, a few years back.

Here's a good article on the grand old man of the Indian theatre, who we will miss terribly.


Sunil Tadepalli said...

Hi Sadhana,

Yes - I saw Habib Tanvir is a couple of plays with Jan Natya Manch in Delhi.

Also Tanvi was lucky enough to get a SPIC MACAY scholarship to spend a month with Habib Tanvir in Bhopal and also on tour to Lucknow & Bengal. She had a great time, learnt a lot & had some minor walk-on parts.

Sadhana Ramchander said...

She is indeed fortunate, Sunil!