June 21, 2009

Nature rejoices the first rains!

It is only us human beings who are not easily satisfied about anything, constantly cribbing about the weather---if it is summer, it is too hot; when the rains come, it is too sultry.

Plants and animals, on the other hand, are not only easy to satisfy, they express their happiness in beautiful ways. I took these photos inside the Hyderabad University campus soon after the first rains. Wild flowers ask people to smile, laburnums pose against the rocks, and a strikingly coloured insect takes a leisurely stroll on the cool, damp earth. And yes, I could finally show birba buddis (red velvet mites, about which I wrote in one of my first posts), to my children!


Anonymous said...

nice write up on the first rain.Very true indeed...the way the plants show their happiness by bursting into flowers!
A similar thought crossed my mind a few days after we got the mangoes plucked from the trees...the trees looked relieved that they had done their duty for the year,looked light and refreshed...in spite of the hot summer season.... nature is indeed great.

Sadhana Ramchander said...

That's such a beautiful thought, Amma. They must feel like a woman feels after the child is born?!

Anonymous said...