August 15, 2009

Independence Day 2009

Flag hoisting on our terrace, flag hoisting at daughter's school, and then in the evening, a building get-together for some fun and games with I-Day theme. Did a lot of research on the internet while putting together a quiz for the evening. While at it, I discovered some great music for the audio round. Here's a link to one version of Vaishnava Janato.

Do listen to is lovely.

While searching for the songs on the net, I also came across many proud-to-be-Indian comments by NRIs, especially on YouTube. Ditto with comments on FaceBook.

My simple brain cannot understand why, despite such a deep sense of belonging with India, they cannot return to live here, the land they grew up in, and the land where their ageing parents and other family still lead a happy life. Writer Jaya Madhavan in her column in the Indian Express this morning, talks about her life in the US, before she retrned to India, when she felt, "In the land of seagulls/the crows try to merge with the snow".

They go for a purpose, I understand that. But why do they not return?


Anonymous said...

One realises the deep sense of belonging to one's country only when one is outside.For someone who is here,it is second nature....some people express and some donot.For people who go out,so far it has been a one way track,with a few exceptions.Slowly,people have started coming home during winters for four months in a year.......and so on.I am sure a time will come when the return track will be laid and people will return for good.

Sadhana Ramchander said...

I know thousands of people who have a deep sense of belonging to our country, and who live in India. I know I cannot be objective about this issue since I never lived outside the country. But to me it seems such an irony when NRIs want to have the physical comforts of the country they live in, but depend emotionally and spiritually on India. Someone has to ask these questions...we have already lost a lot as a family by meekly accepting this. High time we are all honest about this issue.

AJ said...

What is ironical about people depending emotionally and spiritually on the country they were born in? To the contrary, I think it would be devastating if people did not.