September 25, 2009

Lens and Sensibility: 3 years, 133 posts old!

I've done 3 years of blogging, and am very happy I haven't given up! It makes me as satisfied as it made me in the beginning. Only, I have become more casual about it...while in 2006 when I began blogging, it was still not so common, now everyone blogs, from Big B to Sadhana Ramchander.

I have made some interesting friends because of my blog...Anita Vaccharajani, a writer from Mumbai, who wrote a lovely book on India "Amazing India: a state-by-state guide"; Lakshmi Prabala, a very talented photographer from Hyderabad; and Mayank Bhatnagar, an artist from Jaipur. Their friendship has crept out of my blog's comments box, into the in-box of my email, and in one case, to my phone. I hope to meet these people some day, hopefully soon.

This exercise in writing has kept me in touch with people who I care about, and has also enabled all kinds of people to get to know me better (including my own parents). I recently bumped into Mrs Lakshmi, an old friend who now lives in Sri Lanka...she warmly gave me a hug and one of the first things she told me was that she regularly reads and enjoys reading my blog, and that she knows much more about me now! I was somewhat embarassed, but it felt very good!

Apart from this, Lens and Sensibility has also been a weather watch, especially in the rainy season, when the worry of the lack of rains gnaws at me and then I refer to the previous years' blogs to see how the pattern has been changing (no newspaper database for me!). I inherited this rain-obsession from my father who has always been very conscious of the importance of a good monsoon.

This space has been a travellogue too, as I always write about the new places I go to. And there are always those times when I express disappointment, anger, anguish, and many a time, happiness. So, Lens and Sensibility continues to be a mirror to my life, emotions, optimism.

I thank all my readers for visiting this space, and invite them to keep coming back. There is much to talk about and much to reflect; much to hope for and much to change.

As says children's writer Shel Silverstein, in Where the Sidewalk ends:
"If you are a dreamer, come in,
If you are a dreamer,
A wisher, a liar;
A hope-er, a pray-er;
A magic bean buyer...
Come in!"
...and walk with me as I enter my fourth year of this virtual journey, which, at one end is connected to a very real black keyboard on which type my very real fingers, signalled by a very real brain that three years back, conjured up the words L-e-n-s a-n-d S-e-n-s-i-b-i-l-it-y!

September 21, 2009

Shakespeare evening at Antu's

With Antu (my cousin) being in Hyderabad, can Shakespeare be far behind? We read Midsummer night's dream Sunday evening and it was great fun. Felt good to read the bard after many many years. Used to have a play every year in school...I was in primary school when we did MND and played one of the fairies who is called to scratch the ass's head! In this photo, Antu as Bottom (turned into an ass) and Kobita as Titania who is smitten by the ass because of a love potion smeared on her eyelids as she sleeps.

The kids had a ball, with Maloo playing lion, Rahel the wall and Esha moonshine.

September 09, 2009

Flower at Naimisam

Maloo took this photo at Naimisam, the Jiddu Krishnamurti retreat in Ghatkesar, an hour's drive from Hyderabad, where we had a blissful time listening to rustling peepals and bird song, and playing with Sai and Lucky, the two dogs who stole our hearts!

September 03, 2009

YSR's chopper crashes in Nallamalla forest

We have been watching the news channels continuously for 24 hours ever since we learnt that Chief Minister YSR went missing. I woke up thrice in the night to see what happened. Alas, the drama in real life ended in a tragedy. Goodbye CM. Bad decision to move out in a chopper in such weather. Condolences to his family. Also to the families of the four others who died.