September 25, 2009

Lens and Sensibility: 3 years, 133 posts old!

I've done 3 years of blogging, and am very happy I haven't given up! It makes me as satisfied as it made me in the beginning. Only, I have become more casual about it...while in 2006 when I began blogging, it was still not so common, now everyone blogs, from Big B to Sadhana Ramchander.

I have made some interesting friends because of my blog...Anita Vaccharajani, a writer from Mumbai, who wrote a lovely book on India "Amazing India: a state-by-state guide"; Lakshmi Prabala, a very talented photographer from Hyderabad; and Mayank Bhatnagar, an artist from Jaipur. Their friendship has crept out of my blog's comments box, into the in-box of my email, and in one case, to my phone. I hope to meet these people some day, hopefully soon.

This exercise in writing has kept me in touch with people who I care about, and has also enabled all kinds of people to get to know me better (including my own parents). I recently bumped into Mrs Lakshmi, an old friend who now lives in Sri Lanka...she warmly gave me a hug and one of the first things she told me was that she regularly reads and enjoys reading my blog, and that she knows much more about me now! I was somewhat embarassed, but it felt very good!

Apart from this, Lens and Sensibility has also been a weather watch, especially in the rainy season, when the worry of the lack of rains gnaws at me and then I refer to the previous years' blogs to see how the pattern has been changing (no newspaper database for me!). I inherited this rain-obsession from my father who has always been very conscious of the importance of a good monsoon.

This space has been a travellogue too, as I always write about the new places I go to. And there are always those times when I express disappointment, anger, anguish, and many a time, happiness. So, Lens and Sensibility continues to be a mirror to my life, emotions, optimism.

I thank all my readers for visiting this space, and invite them to keep coming back. There is much to talk about and much to reflect; much to hope for and much to change.

As says children's writer Shel Silverstein, in Where the Sidewalk ends:
"If you are a dreamer, come in,
If you are a dreamer,
A wisher, a liar;
A hope-er, a pray-er;
A magic bean buyer...
Come in!"
...and walk with me as I enter my fourth year of this virtual journey, which, at one end is connected to a very real black keyboard on which type my very real fingers, signalled by a very real brain that three years back, conjured up the words L-e-n-s a-n-d S-e-n-s-i-b-i-l-it-y!


Prasanna said...

When there are seemingly impossible tasks to do at work, one of the things I do is to read your's and Suguna's blogs. This invariably refreshes my aging brain.

A hug for this service too!

Sadhana Ramchander said...

Thanks you very much.