November 20, 2009

A refreshing day

The other day, on an impulse, I set off to the University of Hyderabad, one hour away from the city, to see some chalk art by Tracy Lee Stum. Took a ride with my friend Usha, who teaches there. The ride was great, the weather perfect (cool and cloudy), and I enjoyed chatting with my friend for an hour.

However, when she dropped me off at the auditorium where the chalk art had been done, I discovered that the art work had been washed away in the previous night's rain!

I now had to either sit under a tree and read the book I was carrying, or go to my friend's department and sit in the library, or head back home. I decided on the last option, but in an unhurried way. I decided to take the train instead---I had been wanting to take the MMTS since some time, but hadn't done it. So I walked back about 3 km to the gate, took a shared auto to the MMTS station, then the train to Hyderabad for Rs 3 ! As I walked down the lane to the station, I was rewarded with this photo-op.
The MMTS ride was great, and I got off at our very own picturesque Necklace Road. Then, again on an impulse, went to the multiplex to see a children's film (International Children's Film Festival was on). I was again rewarded---saw a very good film---Siri Raja Siri (Sri Lanka). All in all, a great day! I am now inspired to take a train out of town on an unplanned rail adventure :)


Tracy said...

Dear Sadhana, I am so sorry you came all the way to see the work had disintegrated in the rain! This is the drawback of making ephemeral art in open air environments. I did create another painting on the final day that was protected from weather and will post photos on my site this week. Wish you could have seen that one. Thanks for your consideration and interest. Hope to reach India again for a reprise. Yours, Tracy

Sadhana Ramchander said...

Oh, thank you for responding to my writeup. Yes, I was very disappointed since I had never seen 3D chalk art before, but hopefully I will get to see your work some day. How did you get to my blog?