November 23, 2009

What's beetroot called in Telugu?

I have to record this dinnertime conversation for posterity because it is very funny, very Maloo. But you need to know Telugu and Hyderabad to understand it. Any explanation will spoil the spontaneity.

Vijay asked whether Maloo knew the other Telugu name for potato.

Maloo: The other name for potato? Alu gadda?
Ulli gadda?
I know...erra gadda!

We start laughing.

And Maloo says...."Sorry...erra gadda is beetroot, right?

Great logic there...we are in splits now!!


dharmabum said...

i dont' understand, but i just wanted to say hello :)

Sadhana Ramchander said...

Hi Dharmabum! Long time...congrats, I saw your post. See my comment there. I am happy for you.

Sugunasrimaddala said...

Funtastic! Very Nice!!

In fact Erragadda refers to onions in some places.

Anonymous said...

vastu guna lo pengaligadda anatu chadiva