December 23, 2009

New chaos

Last night, the government once again shot themselves on their foot by giving a new statement on the Telangana issue. This time they said that the government would meet with all parties concerned and take another look at the situation, in the light of the United Andhra Pradesh agitation. No mention of their earlier commitment to split the state.

9 Dec: KCR goes on a fast, agitation in Telangana, they announce Telangana state.

23 Dec: As a reaction, Lagadapati and a hundred others begin fasting, unrest in Andhra, they announce something to the effect that Telangana has been put on back burner.

What kind of 'intellectuals and elders' are these, who come up with such half-baked decisions? What kind of governance is this?

Now, 48-hr bandh, everything closed, buses being burnt...

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