December 07, 2009

Weather watch...Hyderabadi winter

About 5 years back, I used to take out the 4-5 waist coats I have, around September, and wear them on and off. In the recent years, I haven't been able to do that for it has been too hot for waist coats. Come November-December, I would be able to live in silks and the few synthetics that I have. Cottons made me feel cold, and I kept them away for the always-on-time summer. This has been my measure of the post-rainy and early winter weather.

Since some years, no waist coats at all till November. This year, it has been pleasant and cold since Nov, as it should be, at least early morning and night. The minimum temperature has reached 15 degrees centigrade. Daytime is as usual, hot (30-31 degrees C).

One funny thing, though. The Tabebuias (the yellow ones) are a perplexed lot this year. I saw the ones on the Necklace road flowering fully in Jan-Feb (right time for them to flower) last year; then I again saw flowers on and off in July-Aug (surprise!), and now, in December, they are flowering again...not turning yellow completely, but some yellow peeping out from the truly a confused tree, poor thing...and it doesn't even know about Copenhagen!

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