January 14, 2010

Background to Pune trip for Sawai Gandharva 2009

It was when my daughter Malini declared that their annual ‘Hoopya trip’ (an adventure camp, off Pune) was from 7-11 Jan 2010 that I decided to go for the Sawai Gandharva music festival, which was scheduled for 7-10 Jan, one month late this year because of the swine flu scare. With Maloo not at home, I would feel less guilty going; besides, I had been a good girl through 2009 and had not done even one trip on my own!

As in 2006, I aked my school friend Vijayalakshmi to buy season tickets for me. She told me there was an announcement in the newspapers and radio in the last week of Dec 2009 that the tickets would be given on 1 Jan 2010, at three places…Ambewala (or is it Tambewala?), Alurkar music shop and one other place. My friend went to Ambewala (?) and stood in the queue at 4-30 in the morning for two hours and then got the tickets. The tickets costed Rs 1800 each, and four were given per person.

Will always be grateful to Vijayalakshmi for doing this for me. Only regret that I could not meet her in Pune because she was very busy (she’s a doctor).

Tara accompanied me and we stayed at Hotel Shreyas, Apte Road, about 10 minutes (by auto) from the venue---New English School, Ramanbaug. Non-AC double room costed Rs 1700 per day for bed and breakfast; food is typical Maharashtrian, their thali being very popular in the city. We discovered that some of the artistes were also put up at this hotel.

My earlier Sawai Gandharva posts of Dec 2006 are here and here.

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