March 27, 2010

More from my garden

This is just for record...
so I can look at the pictures here and feel happy!
Harvest: three precious brinjals, and some and red!
Vinca rosea...Maloo sowed the seeds a few months back

Second generation Cosmos...the garden is full of them! The seeds were sown by Maloo's friend Priyal.

Not-so-glorious-anymore Morning Glory
Yes, tomatoes!

Waiting for the cauliflower!

March 25, 2010

The FaceBook bubble

This was the status of one of my friends on FB recently:
"Bored with facebook, orkut, mobiles & chat windows. Going away from all these for some time. Post me an e-mail if it's too urgent. I would love to recieve handwritten letters if old friends want to catch up. BYE..."

Yes, social network sites can get to you sometimes. The internet itself is but a bubble, and FaceBook has entered most people's lives. FB, to me, is the most amazing bubble, containing all my friends---a very alive, thinking group of people, all reaching out, reacting, communicating; sometimes posting several lines but saying very little, sometimes using very few words but saying a lot. A photo here, a comment there, some news here, a link there...some days they leave a deep impression on me, and I keep introspecting on the comment or link the whole day.

I always loved soap bubbles...small, big, colourful, floating gently in the air, bursting with a soundless pop. I know the soap bubble will surely burst, yet I like it. Similarly, I like the FB bubble has a lot of colour too; I know it can burst and I will then find myself all alone in front of my computer, but until then, why not enoy the gentle, and sometimes not so gentle sway?

March 09, 2010

Flowers in my garden...

This is what my garden looks like now. It gives me much happiness...and peace. On a busy day, I pine for time to spend downstairs. I feel prayer can only happen among plants and trees, birds and bees...amidst nature, not anywhere else.

As says T.E. Brown:
A garden is a lovesome thing, God wot!
Rose plot,
Fringed pool,
Ferned grot---
The veriest school
Of peace; and yet the fool
Contends that God is not---
Not God! in gardens! when the eve is cool?
Nay, but I have a sign:
'Tis very sure God walks in mine.

I will forever be grateful for this opportunity to convert this little patch of land to green.

March 01, 2010

What's with these girls?

This disturbs me a great deal. Why are girls increasingly wearing these masks? I first spotted this bandit-queen attire in Baroda and Ahmedabad in 2007, and wondered why girl-scooterists there covered themselves thus. I asusumed it was a Gujju-ism...even so, wouldn't it be better to wear a helmet with a visor instead of this stuffy costume? At least it would protect their heads in case of an accident.

Soon, this spread to other cities...Hyderabad included. And it is not typical only of scooterists; even girls walking on the road dress like this. I recently saw a whole group of friends dressed like this in the railway station. They also wear gloves and cover their arms completely...

WHAT'S WITH THEM? Stop doing this girls!! :((