The FaceBook bubble

This was the status of one of my friends on FB recently:
"Bored with facebook, orkut, mobiles & chat windows. Going away from all these for some time. Post me an e-mail if it's too urgent. I would love to recieve handwritten letters if old friends want to catch up. BYE..."

Yes, social network sites can get to you sometimes. The internet itself is but a bubble, and FaceBook has entered most people's lives. FB, to me, is the most amazing bubble, containing all my friends---a very alive, thinking group of people, all reaching out, reacting, communicating; sometimes posting several lines but saying very little, sometimes using very few words but saying a lot. A photo here, a comment there, some news here, a link there...some days they leave a deep impression on me, and I keep introspecting on the comment or link the whole day.

I always loved soap bubbles...small, big, colourful, floating gently in the air, bursting with a soundless pop. I know the soap bubble will surely burst, yet I like it. Similarly, I like the FB bubble has a lot of colour too; I know it can burst and I will then find myself all alone in front of my computer, but until then, why not enoy the gentle, and sometimes not so gentle sway?


Harmanjit Singh said…
Nice blog, Sadhana.

I am new to Hyderabad and would love to get in touch with you sometime.

The effects of virtual social networks are going to be interesting, some of them definitely unhealthy. But it does seem to be a growing need of an increasingly alienated urban population.

I wrote about it quite a while back.
Thank you, Harmanjit. I visited your blog too...Was very touched by your viewpoint on Kasab. And the film clip at the end of it.

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