A drive from Warangal fort to my home

I have now lived in Hyderabad for 30 years, and in Himayatnagar for 22 years. I regret not taking pictures of streets in Hyderabad, not even those of the Himayatnagar main road, for it has changed drastically over the last 20 years. Our own Hardikar Bagh has changed from a road full of quaint old buildings with large compounds, to a car-lined street with apartment complexes on both sides.

Warangal, on the other hand, has not changed much. I never thought about it, until the other day, bringing back Maloo and her friends from Warangal fort, I took pictures of the roads from the fort till my home. I was amazed that very little had changed over the years. Yes, there are places in the world that haven't changed very much.

Here are some pictures of the roads, plus some places with which are associated, some precious memories.

One of the four beautiful carved gates of the Warangal fort

The children posing at the fort

Warangal main road...it hasn't changed since we were children

An old carved building along the Warangal main road
The road near the Bhadrakali temple

The famous Hanam-'konda'

Yes, one thing has changed. Alankar theatre, where we used to go to see English movies, has been replaced with Reliance Super.

Thousand pillars temple is the same, except that the second part of the temple which was in ruins, has now been totally dismantled and is being rebuilt afresh

Hanmkonda chowrastha has changed, but doesn't look very different

Lashkar Bazar...notice the vast sky, not visible in big cities.

Bad photo...took it for the statue of Gandhi in the background...we used take my brother Gautham for a ride in the car to see 'Gandhi tata' when Gautham had colic attacks.

The town hall and public gardens

The road leading to Nakkalgutta, where my home is located

The turning towards our lane

This road, on which our home is located, has changed...three of four high-rises have come up in the last 5-6 years

The place where we spent many an evening, playing shuttle badminton...the Warangal club

Maloo and friends playing badminton...


Ramesh said…
Hi Sadhana, Thanks for the nostalgic photos. I was touched..I just want to go to warangal/Hanamkonda area close my eyes and recapture those childhood memories and ofcourse college moments too. I still vividly recall the road to Nakkalgutta and towards your house--my uncle lived closeby.---Thanks again for rekindling the joyful memories---Ramesh
Talking about Himayatnagar road, I remember once I was coming down from Liberty sometime during early '70s. It had just rained and the sun had come out. The grey clouds were still around towards south-east. I could see right up to the old City Central Lib and the sight was totally green, which got accentuated due to the sun shining out with the slightly grey cloud background. It was a fantastic sight and how I wished I had a camera then.
Regarding Warangal Fort, I am amazed that the government has done nothing to preserve those beautifully carved structures. This place could have been easily converted into a major tourist attraction with all the new technology around.
Millie said…
Great, some of it is still fresh in my memory too...feels good to see these pics. Sadhana
kapil r said…
I am so glad to have landed on this blog, was trying to recapture some old memories of my childhood in warangal on google image search. It's a pleasant experience reading your blog and the nostalgia is almost painful....hope to visit warangal again sooon! Thanks Sadhana :-)
I realised I hadn't responded to any of these comments.
@Ramesh: You are welcome. You can make a nostalgia trip when you come to Hyderabad next! Great road too.
@Vasudev: Warangal Fort is a major tourist attraction as it is. They have left the sculptures in the same place, but it is being well looked after. Some parts have been reconstructed.
@Sharmila: Glad the photos made you happy.
@Kapil: Thanks for your appreciation...do hope you get to go to Warangal soon.
uma maheshwar said…
madam do u have any old photos of the famous Alankar theatre..
Uma Maheshwar: No, I am afraid I don't have any photos of Alankar.

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