Weather watch: Monsoon 2010

10 November 2010: It seems as though rainy season is not yet over! It rained on and off through October and beginning of November came a cyclone and so rainy weather. Today has been somewhat sunny. Prayers more than answered!

26 August 2010: Has been raining every other day. Downpours, usually in the evenings and nights. This year, we know what it is to use umbrellas...we had one, we bought one more! The other day, again on a photo-shoot with Lakshmi, we reached the Edi Bazaar to see Purani Iidgah and it started to pour. We quickly took pictures, hopped back into the auto, and came back through pouring rain. Somewhere, something is happening right, for which I am truly grateful.

19 August 2010: It continues to be a great monsoon. Two days back, the skies dumped rain on us. It has been so good that one doesn't think about rain...we are just taking it for granted! This hasn't happened in the last several years. Thanks, God.

23 July 2010: Yes, it has been a normal monsoon! In fact, yesterday's paper said AP has excess rainfall already! It has been raining every other day. Last night, big rain. Good for the garden...yesterday evening, Nagesh came and laid out the lawn. The place looks so good. One step at a time, but we are taking those steps. And heavens are showering down their blessings. Thank you, God.

20-27 June: Dry spell. Blue skies, but clouds come during the day. Last 2-3 days have been very humid.

19 June 2010: Last Sunday (13 June), I went to Charminar for a photo-shoot with Lakshmi Prabhala. Saw two Ashoorkhanas (places of mourning). I would never have gone to these places but for Lakshmi. Maybe a post on this. But here, I want to record that it poured while we were there, and we got soaking wet. It was fun. During the week, it has been consistently cloudly with intermittent showers. Last night it rained well too. It looks like a proper rainy season, as it used to be when we were children.

11-12 June: Yes, it has been raining on and off; roads have puddles on them; clothes don't dry (I don't mind one bit!); and it is cloudy all the time. Varuna Deva...please keep at it. We like you.
10 June 2010: It rains for about 10 minutes at the typical Hyderabadi rain time...the school-leaving time. Vijay has taken the car to OU for his book release function (the ASRao is finally done!). I go on the scooter to pick up Maloo, jacket and all. Then Kobita and I, and the children drive to Hermitage complex to see the cartoon poster show on the occasion of the World Environment Day. Some of the posters were brilliant, most of them depressing.

It pours again in the night, lightning, thunder, the works. Vijay takes us out for dinner to celebrate his book. Post-dinner, we drive to Necklace Road to celebrate the rain.

1 June 2010: I go to the Mango show in the public gardens with Maloo around 4.30 pm. It is cloudy when we start from home, but I think, "It is only 1 June. Officially, rainy season will begin on 7 June. These clouds will go away..."

But, no...there is a a HUGE downpour. Lightening, thunder (I jump up and grab Maloo's hand!)...and the rain comes straight down, thick and steady. Rains for about 45 minutes.

I pray that we will have a good monsoon this year.


Well- you got your wish I hear! Its still raining in Hyderabad and its end of October! Living in Mumbai for 15 years - God I still love those years - dreaded the monsoons-but soon it was a part of life- and got so used to it!
Yes, prayers have certainly been answered!

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