August 25, 2010


I have been blogging for 4 years now!

August 2009 to August 2010 has been important in two ways for my blog. One, I recorded passionately, a long-cherished dream coming true. It may sound silly for someone living in any of the developed countries with all their luxuries, but for my situation, it was no mean task. With the help of children, I developed a garden in a disputed part of my building complex that resembled a junk yard.

My blog space was an outlet during this time, and I poured out my apprehensions, recorded the hesitant steps and then celebrated the colour that slowly crept into the garden. There is much improvement since, and now work in the garden involves pruning and trimming! We have even laid out a lawn this monsoon! Yes, I need to post an update.

The other important thing I want to record here is that I met three people during this year, who I made friends with through this blog. Lakshmi Prabhala, who lives in Hyderabad, has become a friend and I now once in a while go on photo-shoots with her. I feel privileged! In December I met Anita and Amit Vaccharajani, the writer-illustrator couple (and their daughter Nayan) in Mumbai. Anita and Amit have written and illustrated several children's books. Their home is a treasure-trove of children's books, and we could have spent 2 days in their home just browsing! And then I met Bishwanath Ghosh who came to Hyderabad to conduct a writing workshop; it was great meeting him, and I got him to autograph a copy of his book, "Chai chai".

I wonder if this period looks 'pretty' on my blog. In reality, it was not. I was quite stressed out and 2010 began with more personal challenges, which I am spending the whole of this year trying to address, so that I can write more humorous posts in the next blog year! This season, I am enjoying recording the weather, because rains have been more than good, and have given us a feeling of well being, and the thought that something somewhere is happening right.

With the popularity of FaceBook, I have a feeling that visitors to blogs have become fewer, and there are fewer comments too, simply because a blog comment is not as easy to post as a comment on FB. Which is okay...for, I reiterate, I really write for myself. But I do know that my mother and father read my blog, and miss it when I don't write regularly. So, yes...I write for them too. And if you are reading this, I write for you, dear reader. Thank you for visiting. It would make a difference if you didn't.

Lens and sensibility is just like any other part of my life now. If I don't update it, I get a nagging feeling, as though I haven't done something important. It continues to reflect my life...those aspects that I like to and can write about. I have now given it a new, fresh green look, for nature's colours are really what I like to live with.

In the coming year, I hope to write more funny stuff, and real stories and anecdotes from my large and very interesting family, so that they will be recorded here for my children and whoever else would like to read them.

I am so glad I started blogging.

August 19, 2010

I am my children and everything around them...

I was I for the longest time. Me and my interests and my career and my world filled with writing, books, assignments, clients, sports, cinema, music, theatre, picnics, bike rides...

Suddenly I find my world expanding. As my children grow up, I move with them into their worlds. New worlds filled with fun, new people, anticipation, of course mixed, as always with anxiety. I once again pass through the familiar paths of anger, frustration, achievement, ecstacy. As they dream, I dream. For them, and with them. The fun and frolic of a 12-year old and the inhibited expectations of a 17-year old. I laugh when they laugh; I cry when they cry, and many a time, when they don't.

When they give importance to seemingly insignificant things in their lives, I can see exactly what it means to them. I see their faces with understanding, I know what's in their minds. Well, most of the time.

Many a time I do not understand being the mother of an older is incomprehensible. I think of myself at that age, and how my mother was, when I was my older daughter's age, and still I do not comprehend. I hold her hand tight, but I know I must let go. And then I can go back to being me, with my many interests.

In the meantime, I really must stop crying each time my children sing on stage...what's with me, really?

August 07, 2010

Interesting words from the Kabir Project video...

This is in Hindi...sorry, can't type Devanagri:

Kele ke paat paat mein paat
Gadhe ki laat laat mein laat
Kabir ki baat baat mein baat
aur Manushya ki jaat jaat mein jaat.

(A banana has a leaf within a leaf within a leaf
A donkey's kick is a kick within a kick within a kick
Kabir's words have words within words within words
And human beings have caste within caste within caste.)

August 05, 2010

Very funny

This is here because it is so very funny. I picked it up from FaceBook, where a friend's friend posted it. I have to preserve it here!

Don't miss the bottles holding down the banner :) :) :)