November 22, 2010


Narsayya, who worked at Ratnakara for several years, passed away yesterday (21 Nov 2010). He has been in the village with his daughter the last 4-5 years, and has been ill the last 6 months.

Narsayya was a very important part of our childhood. From cleaning the house to taking care of the garden to taking the dog for a walk and even catching cockroaches for me and my friends (when we had to practice dissection!), he was truly Ratnakara's Jeeves. Quiet, non-interfering, slow but very dependable...that was Narsayya.

I took the above photo as part of a series (which I did just for fun) about the newspaper Newstime. Its advertising slogan was, "All things to all people". I took pictures of this newspaper being used in different ways. I made Narsayya pose with Newstime being used as a cone filled with peanuts or something! Of course, he obliged...he did everything anyone wanted him to. Good old Narsayya.

November 09, 2010

My garden as it looks now

This is what my garden looks like in November 2010. We planted the first trees in August 2009.

The lawn is the new addition this season. It is not carpet is the easy-to-maintain gaddi.

I have been waiting for the Passion flowers to bloom. Finally they are!

Hibiscus (planted by my friend Madhavi who lives on the 6th floor) and datura, side by side

This woodrose creeper was beautiful but had become uncontrollable. It was growing 6 inches a day (really!) and would have soon crawled all along the Himayatnagar wires. Had to remove it. Felt very sad, but I couldn't help it. It is now in a pot and as soon as it forgives me by sprouting a few leaves, I will plant it somewhere where it can grow to its heart's content.

This Allamanda replaces the woodrose

Side view of the garden

A pomegranate plant had already been there when we started the garden, but it is only now that it is bearing fruit.

The cosmos from last year's crop are back!

Malini sowed these Vinca rosea seeds...they bloom always and are spreading...almost like the wood rose! But they can be controlled.

New addition this is a wild gooseberry plant;
the small, sour variety that comes in bunches.