Narsayya, who worked at Ratnakara for several years, passed away yesterday (21 Nov 2010). He has been in the village with his daughter the last 4-5 years, and has been ill the last 6 months.

Narsayya was a very important part of our childhood. From cleaning the house to taking care of the garden to taking the dog for a walk and even catching cockroaches for me and my friends (when we had to practice dissection!), he was truly Ratnakara's Jeeves. Quiet, non-interfering, slow but very dependable...that was Narsayya.

I took the above photo as part of a series (which I did just for fun) about the newspaper Newstime. Its advertising slogan was, "All things to all people". I took pictures of this newspaper being used in different ways. I made Narsayya pose with Newstime being used as a cone filled with peanuts or something! Of course, he obliged...he did everything anyone wanted him to. Good old Narsayya.


Anonymous said…
A faithful,sincere,hard working household help who lived with us for about thirty years.He loved us and we all loved him.The last time we saw him was when Gautham visited us in Dec.2008.He took a picture of him in the office,not knowing that he would not see narasayya again.We did our bit to help him till his end.May his soul rest in peace.

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