January 12, 2011

My grandmother...

On 10 January 2011, I met my grandmother. She hugged and kissed me, and blessed me. She passed away on 11 January.

I will miss her very much.

January 09, 2011

Half a century on beautiful Earth…

…and I land gently, excited at the thought of being fifty on 10 January 2011.

The last one month has been very busy and exciting. I worked on a book for my children’s school—Vidyaranya---which, like me, was born in 1961. The celebrations are just over, and we had a great time listening to music, watching plays, singing, gossiping and laughing. The 2-day festival was like a carnival, and I kept feeling that everyone is celebrating my birthday too!

I have had a decent life, despite the ups and downs---a very happy childhood, traumatic but sport-and-fun-filled teenage years with good friends; followed by my twenties, which were filled with academics, professional achievement, the agony of falling in love, and ecstasy of finding my partner in life. The happiest moments of my life were during my thirties was when my children---Ragini and Malini---were born. I had hoped for one, but got two beautiful children, and I have always been thankful for that. Little did I know that I would also be a parent to BluePencil (my consultancy); to all the children who go through my gardening class in school, and also to the nine trees I have planted in 2009! So, if someone, somewhere had blessed me saying, “May you be the mother of a hundred children”, it has, kind of, come true!

Life has been fun, creative, and filled with many wonderful people, each of whom has taught me something in life. I have learnt some interesting truths, some of which I list below. They are not in any particular order, and Google didn't tell me these---they have all been gathered and processed over many years by the hard disk in my head.

  1. Most people don’t read long blog posts (but I haven’t understood this well, because I do sometimes write lengthy posts, like this one!)
  2. If you do a good deed to someone, the reward comes, not necessarily from that person, but from someone else. But come, it will.
  3. Nothing is wasted in life…not even a bad experience.
  4. Some sacrifice in life is essential for the soul.
  5. Don’t always work for money; work for free once in a while. Your ‘happiness account’ will swell considerably.
  6. Dream impossible dreams.
  7. Don’t stop dreaming.
  8. If you want something badly, you will get it.
  9. A puri needs as much dough as a chapati does.
  10. The only way you can improve the world is to work for the good of your immediate surroundings
  11. Two very important words to follow: Light lelo!
  12. There are no ghosts…I never saw one; my parents never saw one; my grandparents didn’t either. And I don’t know anyone who saw one.
  13. Don’t ever fight with your parents or siblings or anyone…it is not worth it.
  14. Extra-marital affairs are not worth it, either.
  15. Don’t be over-ambitious in life…either about wealth or career, love or sex.
  16. Life, most certainly, is a journey--enjoy it and don’t think of the destination.
  17. If the child goes away to a foreign country, parents look okay, but they are very lonely.
  18. It is only Indians who go to the US…Americans don’t go anywhere.
  19. People think I am stupid (and parochial) when I say this, but I believe it is important to serve one’s country.
  20. Each day is a new beginning.
  21. Live in the present…don’t think too much about the past, and don’t plan too much ahead.
  22. Be yourself…why should you impress anybody?
  23. Realize the preciousness of your body; it is your duty to take care of it.
  24. If someone hurts you very much, pretend they don’t exist.
  25. Spend as much time as you can with people close to you and with nature.
  26. Go out and play as much as possible; don’t stop playing because you think you are grown up.
  27. Read, travel, listen to music…as much as is possible.
  28. Fine arts are good for the soul…look at paintings, make performing arts a part of your life.
  29. One does travel in life, even if one doesn’t leave home (as, to go to America)
  30. Three things one must learn, so one can lead a comfortable life: cooking, driving, and earning money.
  31. Nature is the only god.
  32. It is great to have a dog.
  33. It is also great to have a blog!

I wanted to write 50, but I feel lazy. Okay, one more.

34. It is okay to be lazy once in a while!

The one thing that makes me most happy this birthday is that I have my parents celebrating with me, and I will begin my day tomorrow going to a temple and then visiting my 90-year-old grandmother to pull her leg that she is getting old because she has a 50-year old grand-daughter J!

That’s all…happy birthday to me!