The Hindu Women's car

I don't believe in the 8 March women's day thing. Never did. But when The Hindu announced that they were having an all-women car rally, I had to participate. Luckily I could inspire three others and so we went.

The event started late and there were some hiccups in the beginning. But they pampered us...they gave us breakfast, coke, T-shirts, note books...someone was spending money on us, and it felt good! We were four smart women and set off with the first clue. We did everything right; followed all rules, and found one clue after another very easily.
We thought we did well as we drove the last lap to Prasad's.

No, we didn't win anything. This surprised us, somehow. But it was okay. As a rule, we belong to the also-ran category, and are used to it.

But at the end of it all, why were we left with a feeling of dissatisfaction? Why did I feel something was missing? Why the feeling that I didn't play anything? Everything did end happily, didn't it?

The idea was from The Hindu; it was sponsored by various businesses; and organised by an event-management group. Some 200 women participated, had fun, and enjoyed all the media attention they got. The winning teams won handsome amounts of Rs 50,000, Rs 30,000 and Rs 20,000. The Hindu, having generated their content, will now fill its pages with colour, and get publicity; so will the sponsors. The event managers are happy they made their money. The winners are on top of the world--of course! The media got their footage. Surely this is a win-win situation for all concerned?

So what am I complaining about? Am I just jealous? Am I saying the grapes are sour?

What makes me unhappy is that in all this, no one seems to notice that there is one loser. No, it is not me...I am not so important. I think the loser is the sport itself. The rally was far too easy...there were just four clues, and very simple ones at that! No cryptic clues, no racking brains, no challenge, no running here and there, no losing one's way, no discovering places in Hyderabad. It was way too simple even to talk about after the event was over. Okay, there were some winners and some losers, but shouldn't the winners have earned their prize money? I honestly feel I would have felt this way even if I had won the event.

I need to be part of some genuine sport. I miss it very much.


Usha Raman said…
Hmm...there I was wondering if I had missed something. Like you said, there's plenty in the newspaper to make it seem like it was a challenging and fun event. And I guess fun without a bit of challenge doesn't go very far!

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