March 14, 2011

To all parents and children...

I love everything Shel Silverstein did. He wrote well, he drew well,
he sang well, he was oh, so funny...and when he sang he sang
shyly and with feeling. Certainly a big big favourite.
Just one problem...he died. He has been the inspiration behind
my book, "Autorickshaw blues and other colours".

I just discovered, on YouTube, a beautiful song he sang about
the relationship between a father and son. You can hear
Shel Silverstein sing it at:
This song starts somewhere in the middle of the video.

Here are the lyrics.

BBJ: Daddy, what if the sun stopped shining?
What would happen then?

BB: If the sun stopped shining, you'd be so surprised
You'd stare at the heavens with wide open eyes,
And the wind would carry your light to the skies
And the sun would start shining again.

BBJ: But, Daddy, what if the wind stopped blowing?
What would happen then?

BB: If the wind stopped blowing, then the land would be dry,
And your boat wouldn't sail and, son, your kite couldn't fly,
And the grass would see your trouble and she'd tell the wind,
And the wind would start blowing again.

BBJ: But, Daddy, what if the grass stopped growing?
What would happen then?

BB: Well, if the grass stopped growing you'd probably cry,
And the ground would be watered by the tears from your eyes,
And like your love for me, that grass would grow so high.
Yes, the grass would start growing again.

BBJ: But, Daddy, what if I stopped loving you?
What would happen then?

BB: If you stopped loving me, then the grass would stop growing,
The sun would stop shining and the wind would stop blowing.
So you see, if you wanna keep this old world a'going,
You'd better start loving me again, again...
You better start loving me again.
You hear me, Bobby?

BOTH: You better start loving me again.
(You love me, Bobby? Yes)
You better start loving me again.


Usha Raman said...

Lovely! Part of the charm of this medium is that you stumble upon such gems...and then you get to share them with others...and those others then get to share the wonder all over again with you and yet more people!

SUR NOTES said...

Hey thanks for the link. he is a big favourite in our house too.

Sadhana Ramchander said...

Usha: Yes, indeed...and the sharing is so easy!
Sur Notes: Thanks...I visit your blog on and off too, and admire your work and your parenting. Just that I don't comment.