April 19, 2011

My new book!

I have been working on this book for several years now. The difference between this and the several books I do for clients is that this one I conceptualised and wrote myself. I also took most of the photos (over many years), and put it together with passion. But the journey was long, filled with uncertainties and even as I hold it in my hand today, I cannot believe that I finally self-published this little book.

The decision to self-publish came about because I did not want to give publishers the trouble of making a fuss about my book. I knew (from experience) that they would act high and mighty; they would ask me to change stuff I wrote; they would make me run around them begging for what's rightfully mine; and finally they would pay me a measly amount, and forget that I existed.

So "Just look up..." is completely mine--the content, the size, the look, the paper, the cover design, even the ISBN! But I know that I now need to let it go. It has already started its journey into the world. I am slowly discovering how to make it available to people (please note that I don't use the word, 'market'), and am meeting some wonderful people in the process. Its a new path I am walking on, and as of now, I see a refreshing green.

Read the back cover to know what this book is all about. I hope to soon make it available on the internet. I hope to have a book release because I believe that every new book deserves one, just as every new baby has a naming ceremony...watch this space, and please plan to come.

I might also fulfill a childhood desire and open a shop that will sell just one thing---my book! :)

April 09, 2011

All Day I Dream About Sports!

These are excerpts from my friend Upendran's article, "What happened to my canvas shoes?", published in the September 2009 issue of Teacher Plus. I reproduce these facts here because I find them very interesting and want to keep this info in my blog. This is about how Adidas, Nike and Reebok got their names.

Adidas: Quoting Upendran, "There was a time when people believed that 'Adidas' was an acronym for 'All Day I Dream about Sports' (I did too, and was rather angry when he busted this myth!). Of course, some people thought that the 's' stood for something else: sex! Neither story is true. The founder of Adidas was a German named Adolf Dassler; nicknamed 'Adi' by his friends..."
So Adidas is a combination of Adi, his nickname, and Das from Dassler! Nothing to do with dreams or sports...too bad!

Nike: This name comes from Greek mythology, where the goddess of victory was called Nike. So by naming the shoes after the goddess of victory, Phil Knight, the Chairman of Nike, was suggesting that any athlete who wore his brand was assured of a place on the victor's podium.

Reebok: This company was started by Joseph William Foster. A 'rhebok' is spelt 'Reebok' in Afrikaans, and is a type of antelope or gazelle known for its amazing speed. Reebok was the first company to make running shoes with spikes and sports shoes for women.

You can read Upendran's article here.