My new book!

I have been working on this book for several years now. The difference between this and the several books I do for clients is that this one I conceptualised and wrote myself. I also took most of the photos (over many years), and put it together with passion. But the journey was long, filled with uncertainties and even as I hold it in my hand today, I cannot believe that I finally self-published this little book.

The decision to self-publish came about because I did not want to give publishers the trouble of making a fuss about my book. I knew (from experience) that they would act high and mighty; they would ask me to change stuff I wrote; they would make me run around them begging for what's rightfully mine; and finally they would pay me a measly amount, and forget that I existed.

So "Just look up..." is completely mine--the content, the size, the look, the paper, the cover design, even the ISBN! But I know that I now need to let it go. It has already started its journey into the world. I am slowly discovering how to make it available to people (please note that I don't use the word, 'market'), and am meeting some wonderful people in the process. Its a new path I am walking on, and as of now, I see a refreshing green.

Read the back cover to know what this book is all about. I hope to soon make it available on the internet. I hope to have a book release because I believe that every new book deserves one, just as every new baby has a naming this space, and please plan to come.

I might also fulfill a childhood desire and open a shop that will sell just one thing---my book! :)


Congratulations, Sadhana. I would say more than a book it sounds like a dream come true and therefore a big reason to celebrate!! Well done!
lakshmi said…
Hearty Congratulations Sadhana!
Wish you and your book/s all the very best.
Coming from you I am certain there will be a lot of heart in it. We will keep an eye out for your book. I was touched by your blog post. May your dream be realized.

I LOVE IT! LOVE your Blog- and I am sure your book will be equally or much more delightful! looking forward- Am just a little confused- how did you get your own ISBN?
Thank you, Mayank, Lakshmi and Arundhati.

@Arundhati: I applied for an ISBN at the national agency in Delhi. They took 10 months to give it to me...I am now the proud owner of 10 ISBNs (they apparently give them in bulk), which means I can do 10 books!
Tejah said…
Congratulations! Look forward to your book launch :)
Sujata Jayarao said…
Congratulations Sadhana! All the best for the launch and success of this book and for the other 9 to follow:-) I have only recently discovered your blog site and must admit am a big fan!
Congratulations. Seems like a wonderful book. Where can one buy a copy? Can one order directly from you if it is not in stores as yet?
@Teja: Thank you. Will post the launch info on FB.

@Sujatha: Thank you so much, Sujata! Do keep visiting this space.

@SUR NOTES: My book is in a few stores in Hyderabad, and could be in Sprouts Earth Shop, Rani Sati Marg, Mumbai in a month. It will be up for sale on the net in a day or two. Will post the link on my blog. BTW, your name is Surbhish?
No, my name is surabhi :)
sh is for sharma. keep me posted about internet sales. thanks. looking forward to this.
Congratulations!! And yes, you should have a book release / launch event -- it is a must do :-)

I know the titles of at least two more books you should think seriously about- "Just look down" -today while mowing my lawn I saw so many weeds- and a lot of them with pretty leaves and flowers -and wild strawberries-very small and grows like a weed- Weeds have earned a nasty name but I read an article about how they are actually a symptom of a problem not a problem!
the second title is "just look under" and see what you can find under a stone, a rock, a dead tree stump, leaves fallen from a trees - and what insects (including the famous and extinct birbabutti-the red velvet bug you wrote about in one of your blogs) and write about the common insects and worms which need some respect and place in this world of ours too! You have 10 isbn numbers- you should make use of them! A full set of books for kids (and adults like me who never grow up)! I can't wait to get my hands on your book :-) I wrote in my book, I write only when I feel very inspired, so dim chances for Just look down, and Just look under, though they're great ideas. This is because I live in a city and weeds are few even in parks, leave alone insects under rocks. I need to travel more for this. However, you put the material together (text and pictures) and I will design and publish these two titles. I am serious. Cheers.

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