May 25, 2011

A little book begins its travels

It has been about a month since "Just look up..." has been printed. In this one month, it has travelled to a few places, and there have been three reviews--two from Bangalore and one from Hyderabad.

Lakshmi Sharath's is here.

Deepa Mohan's is here.

Anand Vishwanatha's is here

And now an interview by Lavanya Srinivasan of, which you can read here.

I have been sending copies to whoever asked for them. I first kept 10 copies in Vijayaram's Emerald Sweets next to Indira Park, and they were sold in about 3 weeks. Encouraged, I kept 10 more and when I checked last week, five more were sold. Of the 15 copies I placed in Satpaparni, 7 have been sold...I need to find out whether they sold any more. Goethe Zentrum sold 5 copies, and I was very happy leaving two copies at Evening Hour, a small library/book shop run by Priyanka Gontla.

I sent 10 copies to Chennai and 10 copies to Pune to friends of my friend Rekha Abel. She and Giridhar have been showing the book around. Yes, and I sent three copies to a friend in Michigan, whose mother came and picked them up. About 10 are with people in Warangal, and a friend of my father's said to me, "You have tried to fathom the unfathomable, and have done a good job of it".

People have been reading the reviews and have been writing in for copies, and so, yours truly has been making trips to the post office to send them by SpeedPost! I did try to put up the book on the net, but it didn't work out. Yes, I am also looking for a distributor and have written to Flipkart.

The struggles of self-publishing! I know I will find my may take some time, but I will.

Other exciting things are requests for a tree walk in a tree-filled college campus (would love to, and will do it when the rains come), a request to train teachers to conduct gardening classes (which I very much would like to), and a request to conduct gardening classes (which I can't, considering the time it will take).

I am planning a book launch to enable the book to travel some more. Anything formal makes me nervous, but it has to be done, and am in the process of planning the logistics.

All in all, a good feeling that I have brought out a book on the right topic at the right time, when people are alarmed at the felling of trees, and feel they should do something about it.

I guess a book like this slips into the role of a harbinger of hope....

May 16, 2011

New life in the garden!

As I wrote earlier, the number of birds in my garden have increased ever since the trees began growing. I wake up to hear chirping of birds, and this makes a huge difference to my life.

There is a Chinese proverb: "Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come".

Guess what came to live my garden after the singing birds? A frog!

I spotted it this evening, smiled at it and welcomed it into the rather unkempt green space that, I am sure, it loves.

For those not familiar with the background, read about it here.

May 15, 2011

Anand Vishwanadha's review

My friend Anand Vishwanadha's review was really touching. He posted it on his blog here:

I am surrounded by beautiful people who are pampering me no end!

May 10, 2011

About "Just look see the magic in the trees around you"

Written by Sadhana Ramchander, this book is meant to sensitize people of all ages to the beauty of trees, and to nature in general. In the race for the next generation of gadgets, people, especially in urban areas, have forgotten the joys that nature offers. This book is simply to remind them of this.

Read a review of "Just look up..." here.

Reviews of 'Just look up...'

Read a review of my book here:

My thanks to Lakshmi Sharath, media professional, traveller and travel writer for this review.


Deepa Mohan is a freelance writer who loves Bangalore, and has been both enthused and worried over the rapidly changing city. She is also a Bangalore metroblogger.

Her well-written, in-depth review of "Just look up..." has been posted on three places on the net:

Citizen Matters:

Bangalore captured:


All this, thanks to Karthikeyan, whose photos I used in the book. Karthik is the Chief Naturalist at Jungle Lodges, Karnataka. You can find his awe-inspiring writeups here:

My sincere thanks to these wonderful people for all that they are doing for my book.