July 19, 2011

Rock walk after 2 years!

It has been almost two years now, since I went for rock walks. I had been dreaming of being able to do it comfortably again, and it was great to go back! The 17 July walk was to Venkateshwara Gutta, after the Shamirpet lake (turn left into village at Gandhi statue). It is a beautiful drive and a fantastic trek and I enjoyed every bit of it.

The quiet ponds, the greenery, and the sprinkling of pretty white flowers gave me great joy.

The star-shaped flowers carpeting clearings
amidst rocks are breathtakingly beautiful!

A view of the water body as we climbed the rocks

It is serene at this place...if only people didn't talk so much...
but then, it is not an ideal world, is it!

Frauke Qadir, one of the founders of Society to Save the Rocks.
I admire her persistent efforts.

The best perch in the world...!

See how the boulder is balanced! Here's Tara admiring the rock.

At one point it flattens...

Selaginella (not the one with purple flowers) completely dries up in summer,
and looks like dried up poo (like pellets). After one rain, the whole place
becomes velvety green! Now, if that isn't magic, what is?
The other side of Venkateshwara gutta...social forestry.

The temple on the gutta