I have now been blogging for 5 years now. Actually the blog turned five in August, but I didn't remember. I looked back to see what my blogging year has been like, and I realised that I have posted a lot of significant events during this year. But I haven't been doing much creative writing, and this is something I should do. I also want to write humour, and about some of my ancestors, so that bits of family history are recorded here, especially for my children to read.

There is much to write, and I am convinced that "Lens and Sensibility" is here to stay. :)

Traffic to this blog has become quite less now, thanks to FB's domination. However, like most bloggers, I too follow the practice of giving a link to some posts on FB. In spite of this, once in a while, blogging still throws up some surprises in physical time and space. Some time back, a friend introduced me to her friend, who was very warm to me, as though she was an old friend. It was unusual and I began wondering why...and then told me she reads my blog!

Before I end, here is some interesting info about blogging from Wikipedia.
" was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest. The designated date is August 31, because when written 3108, it resembles the word "Blog". On that day, bloggers recommend five new blogs to their visitors, so that readers discover new, previously unknown blogs."

Stepping into year 6...cheers, and thank you, my dear reader.


Anonymous said…
congratulations,sadhana,on completing five years of is great to read your posts.Keep it will be a record of your thoughts on the latest happenings.
Fabulous Five- love the wikipedia quote! Did not know that- I know I wanted to blog when blogging came into fashion or being or whatever-but never got down to it- congrats on the anniversary and keep blogging- I have been a faithful follower of your blogs since its inception!
@Anonymous (Mummy?): Thank you. Yes, there is no looking back...I will keep writing.

@Arundhati: Thank you for being a faithful reader! I am honoured.You should blog talk a lot, so you must have a lot to write about too :)!

I believe there is a writer in every person...only, some may need an editor!

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