Borderline drive 2: Manali

Manali was 'Jab we met' country and the postcard-worthy landscapes and people were a delight. My own favourite definitely will always be dominating presence of the mountain on one side and the companionship of River Beas on the other. I will let the photos and captions speak...

Haliatus, Harsha and Prabha's Xylo.
The most important character on this drive!

The gurgling Beas was like a hyperactive child!

The Hidimba temple...

Not far from there is the Ghatodgaja temple, which is a tall pine tree--
my idea of a temple!

A decked up Manali beauty; she's smart too...
she charged me ten bucks for taking this photo!

A typical landscape as one drives around Manali.

A lone Sadhu lost in thought. Harsha firmly believes that he was fully doped.
"These guys live for the moment...:, he says.

Solang, an hour's drive from Manali. This is where parasailing and other activities happen.

The Hyderabad team at Solang.

The Vashisht temple...this wood-stone architecture is typical of the region.

We were fortunate to witness this procession...a local folk festival.

A Budhist monastery -- the region is dotted with them.

A prayer inscribed on stone. Artistic calligraphy.

Malini turning the prayer bells at the monastery.
I find the concept of prayer bells very charming.

And then, there's so much colour everywhere!

This, I think, is Guru Padama Sambhava

And these people are the borderline adventurers
--Harsha, Malini and Prabha.

It was very difficult to choose 17 photos out of at least 300. But these do capture the essence of our stay in Manali.

Please ignore the date on the photos...I had given Maloo my camera and had borrowed a cam (thanks, Vasanthi!), and the date wasn't set.


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