Bookaroo 2011

Here's a peek at Bookaroo 2011 (, which Ragini and I attended from 26 to 27 November 2011. I did a session on "Just look up..." and Ragini and I together did one on "Autorickshaw blues..." For two days, spending time with writers and illustrators from all over the world, we actually felt somewhat famous, especially at the signing sessions or when a visitor came looking for us :) ! It was also reassuring to see children thronging the beautiful Sanskriti Kendra and breathing books for 2 days.

The festival began with Jeeva Raghunath, a professional story-teller...she is AWESOME!

Adeline Foo from Singapore talking about her book "The diary of Amos Lee"

Ahem! Ahem! At Eureka, the bookstore!

British writers "the 2Steves"...Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore doing their double act...they had the crowd cheer and scream!

Our very own Jerry Pinto at an informal tete-a-tete with children.
Yes, he is very funny.

At Sanskriti Kendra's beautiful terracotta museum...btw, in 2004, Ragini and I stayed for 4 days at the Kendra when she attended an illustrator's workshop. She was 10 this was a nostalgia trip too. We were delighted to meet the artist Mr Sudhasatwa Basu, who helped Ragini with her drawing in 2004.

Another genius...Devdutt Pattanaik (left), whose books on Hindu mythology are well written and timely. His session was fabulous. He's a natural.

Satoshi Kitamura's session was fun; the kids loved it. He's a Japanese illustrator and writer.

Chatura Rao (right) and Lovleen Mishra talk about how to bring stories to life.
Yes, Lovleen is Hum log's Chutki!

Kunzang Choden (left), a Bhutanese writer, reads from her book.

Ragini with Jo Williams, one of the main Bookaroo organisers.

All in all, the Bookaroo festival was a pleasure to attend. Congratulations, Swathi Roy, Jo Williams, and Teamwork Productions...for a job very well done!

At the end of it, Ragini said, "Let's write another book, so we can come here again!"


Very nice, Ragini and Sadhana! Wish I'd been there too! :-)
Thank you, Giridhar. You would have loved it! Take Rahel for next year's Bookaroo.
Usha Raman said…
Exciting, Sadhana! Would have loved to be there too...need to hear about it more, first hand!
Kobita said…
Looks like so much fun! Wish I had been there too!
Please go next year, Kobita. You will love it. So will Esha.

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