My 'new' phone

This is my new phone :)!

I saw it in the store when Vijay and I went to buy a cordless (our old one died), fell for it, and it came home with us! This is extremely unusual --- spur-of-the-moment buying is very very rare in the Ramchander household, believe me.

This is the kind of phone we grew up with. When I was a child, we lived in our ancestral house in Warangal. Apart from the family, consisting of my father's seven brothers and two sisters, his mother and her co-sister, there were many other people living in the house. One of them was Pendyam Srinivas Rao, who was a journalist working for Press Trust of India (PTI). The first phone we used, belonged to him -- the privilege of working for PTI! I still remember the number --- 197! Yes, it had just three digits.

The next phone belonged to us and had four digits -- 7202. The instruments were all black and looked like my 'new' phone. After some years, this number changed to five digits, then to six and now it has seven!

My grandmother's house in Hyderabad had a phone which, again, was a privilege; they got it because my aunt was a doctor. You see, not everyone had a phone. Hard to believe, no?

I had a chance to live in phone-less Big House, where I lived with my in-laws. However, we were at office all day and made the necessary calls from there. Now I realise why Big House was so quiet; there was no tring-tring to disturb the peace! Finally when we applied for a phone, we had to wait three whole years before we were allotted one. And this was not the 18th was early 1990s! How much has changed since then!

Nostalgia made me buy this antique model, for as I told Vijay, we can't become children, but we can have a phone that would remind us of our childhood, each time we used it.

Unfortunately it is not a dummy. It rings...along with the three other phones in the house!


Congratulations on your `new' phone Sadhana! Very good selection (collection).
Congratulations on your `new' phone Sadhana! Very good selection (collection).

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